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i like it,i love games with boats and helicopters,thats why my name kek

still very old

still very old


even though it's old still a nice game


Fun game, even if I did keep blowing the engine. XD

Good game! I always Like resource management games like this. Few Suggestions though.

  1. More Sounds would be nice. zapping sound when turning lights on/off, walking sounds for people, ect. Sound effects just make the game generally more engaging
  2. Maybe it's just me, but a clearer idea on how the generator overloads would be nice.
  3. Alert sounds when power production or temperature is critical would let the player know about the situation better!


Nice game, never did finish it but I came close.


devs are like dead lol


No, we're still kickin'




In order to click in Linux, you must use windowed mode. I've had this problem with multiple Unity games.

It's so weird that you can click away the pause screen but not anything else.


Can't click on linux

Unity bug. Try windowed mode as Steely suggests in their comment above.


Clicking doesn't work on Linux

Unity bug. Try windowed mode as Steely suggests in their comment above.

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i winged it when i got 75% of they way there and i won with no power left. Took about 5 tries to win it

How do you openit up on linux? when i click the x86 file it opens then instantly closes

If you're on a 64-bit system, make sure you're running the 64-bit binary located next to the 32-bit one.

Check out this game play for great feedback!

ok since i have not heard from anyone im just going to edit the assembly csharp files and make the game easier myself! Thanks!

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game is extremely hard to win i turned everything off and the reactor still goes down! even stopped moving no way to get the green to go back up All i see is getting aggravated playing a game that's way to difficult to win at, and no matter what you i do the game always seems to end at the halfway mark or around that point, Is there a way to fix this or slow the reactor leak? if it can never increase no way to make it! Thanks for making the 32bit version too! Is there any cheat codes? or a way to make the game a little easier???

This looks like a port of Red November, which is a very hard board game to win solo. Think of it as playing a game of solitaire - you usually lose.

in apple version at least it is to hard to close the application


Hey there,

I played your game and made a video on it, i really enjoyed it, just wish there was more levels or different sized ships but all in all, it was a really good game, it took me a few tries to figure out a strategy that works, it was super fun to play! 

It really is a fun game. A good 15 minutes of fun to be had. Gotta love these management games:)




Unity 2017.1

The inability to fix the reactor or somehow recharge it means that at a certain point (roughly about 45% power) you automatically lose. It begins a self-perpetuating cycle where you can't slow down your power usage, which degrades the reactor faster, which in turn make you use power faster.

At that point you can go Full Ahead and have a chance to make it.


This is a really "cool" game. Wasn't very good at it, but had fun. Made a quick video about it


Loved it! Made a little video about it :)


These idiots, XD Great Game! i love how they still hug the heater even thou the lights on 10/10 Would play again


Try this build:

yeh tnx


It took me a while to understand the game mechanics, but in the end I managed to bring my crew to safety! It was really fun to play, nice job!


its super cool plz make more



when is next update


Hey, I really enjoyed your game! I thought it was super fun and it took me a couple tries to win which was super satisfying. Anyway, I hope you don't mind but I made a small gameplay video for it on my small channel and if  you have the time i'd really appreciate it if you checked it out! I really had so much fun, thank you for creating such a creative game! 

Hey, thanks for checking out our game, glad you liked it! You've developed some rad crew management skills by the end of the video, good job :)


Of course! And yeah I kinda had to with how increibly clumsy they all were, haha.

Both Windows 10 32bit and 64bit gives me the same error

*Failed to load mono*

Everything is extracted and I've tried running it in administrator mode as well.

Do you have mono runtime installed?

That's really unfortunate. Here, try this build


Fatal error
Failed to load mono

Works fine for me. Make sure you've extracted everything from the archive.


Unity dropped WinXP support almost two years ago. Sorry ._.

Well, maybe its true but i can play other games on unity with win xp

Fair enough. Try this build, maybe it'll work for you:


Only non-gamers use windows XP

Don't need to be a smart man to write shit.